All too often we overeat until we’re stuffed, and then wonder, “How did that happen?”
It’s the result of a one more bite mentality.

We think, “This is so freaking good that I’m just going to have one more bite.” But often, that last bite leads to another and another, and once again we’re overstuffed.

But being overstuffed doesn’t feel good. We don’t have optimal energy, mental clarity, and our body just feels bloated and sluggish.

We can change this—and it only takes minutes with the one hour rule. What does that mean?
It means that if you actually check in one hour after eating and ask yourself how you feel, how much energy you have, how much mental clarity you have, and how your body is feeling in general—while remembering the volume of the food that you ate—you can actually change a lot.

A good tool to measure how much you’re eating is to use your hand as a sizing guide. For most people, the size of their palm or maybe up to the first knuckle is the volume to feel good one hour after eating and beyond.

Try it for yourself. Look at your palm and eat that amount of food then check in one hour later to see how you feel.

As you begin to see the connection between how much you eat and how good you feel, you’ll recognize that the one more bite mentality isn’t serving you.

Even if you still have food on your plate, get comfortable wasting the food. Realize that you’ve really already enjoyed the food and that your life will change when you’re not overstuffed.

You’ll have more energy and mental clarity to give your amazing unique gifts to the world.