The concept that I’d like to share today is, “Awareness is the key to all change.”

When you become aware of how any kind of behavior affects how you feel, then you’re more aware whether you want that behavior or whether you want to change it. If you’re not aware that you want to change, it isn’t going to happen.

It’s a key concept in my book, the One Hour Power Diet: One Hour Can Change Your Life and It Only Takes Minutes. It gets down to a concept that I love to share, which is based on serving size.
Trying to relate that, serving size has a big effect on how you feel and perform one hour after eating. Your hand, as it turns out, makes a very good mimic of a plate size and is proportionate to your body size.

In general, for most people, a palm size up to the first knuckle is one serving and it also is a serving where most people feel the best and perform the best. Two servings would be two hands and three servings would be three hands.

Look at the amount of food on your plate. Determine roughly how much you’re going to eat, one, two or three hand servings. And then one hour after eating, check in with yourself. Ask yourself how much energy, how much mental clarity and how your body feel. Ask yourself if you’re sharp or if your mind is dull. Does your body feel like getting to the couch or does it feel like, “I’m going out and dancing and doing something?” Ask yourself how much energy you have.

And then remember the volume of food that you ate as well as the kind of food you ate and relate it to how you feel. Overtime, you’ll find that certain volumes of food and certain kinds of food give you better optimal performance. And certain volumes of food give you less optimal performance.

When you become aware of how the food that you choose to eat affects how you feel and perform every day, then you’re on a path to change because you will choose that path. Overtime, when you keep coming back to what works, one serving versus two or three, that becomes a new habit.