The three main things that affect how you feel and how you perform are the frequency that you eat, the volume of food that you eat and the kind of food that you eat. Today, we’re going to talk about frequency, eating every three to four hours.

There are all kinds of expert advice out there that tell you how frequently you should eat. In fact, there is expert advice that tells you when not to eat, that you should fast first a day or two per week or you should not eat after 6 p.m. or maybe you should skip some meals. There is advice that you should eat more frequently, every two hours. And there is advice that you should eat three solid meals a day and then snacks in between. There is advice that you should eat a certain way Monday through Friday and a different way on the weekends.

There is no science behind any of that. In fact, there’s no science behind the concept that you should eat every three to four hours, but there is some wisdom. What I’d like to share is that wisdom.

If you eat a volume of food that’s roughly the size of your palm of your hand, then you’ve got to eat every three to four hours. Otherwise, you’re going to be too hungry. You’re going to make poor food choices and you’re probably going to eat way too fast. Try it sometime and see how that works.

Through trial and error, you will probably learn over time that you feel much better if you eat one palm size of food versus two palms versus three palms. Once you learn that, you also find that eating every three to four hours also keeps you from getting too hungry and making bad food choices.

Starting any new habit like that is a bit difficult. And whenever you start something like this, you have to start easy and you have to anchor it with some other behavior to help it become a habit over time. That is what I’m going to share in the next podcast, tips on rapid grocery shopping, how to make that easy. For now, what I’d recommend is that you carry things around with you like protein bars, cheese, nuts, apples, oranges; anything that’s really easy to carry with you.

You may notice I said cheese. A big part of the world was mad at cheese; however, cheese works as something you can eat and make you feel satisfied for three to four hours. If it works for you and you only use it on occasion, that amount of saturated fats is not going to hurt you.

For now, get some power bars. Carry them around with you and see how that makes you feel. And be looking to our website, because we’re going to have some wonderful power bars that are either white protein, egg white protein or no-animal protein that you may like. You may want to try those.

Think about about eating every three to four hours. How are you going to integrate that into your daily life?